V. Propp Analysis of the 80s Short Prose Poetics in Albanian Literature


  • Dhurata Lamcja PhD, European Scientific Institute




Propp, proze, 80s, Albania, author, structuralism, poetics, tale.


The article explored thorugh the lense of tale poetics, to find out wether there wasan outline of the theory on the poetics of the tale in Albanian historiography or in the literary critical thought of the 80's, based on the structural morphological analysis of V. Propp. The choosen proze was among albanian prose writers of the 80s, such as: V. Koreshi, N. Lera, Z. Çela, N. Prifti, K. Kosta, E. Kadare, S. Spasse etc. The methodology used within the article is based on the qualitative approach of the study, specifically on Propp's structuralist methodology has been used to categorize the functions and characters included within the short prose of the 80sAlbanian authors. The study fundings concluded that the cognition function is seen to have a special feature, both from the frequent use, as well as from the increased drama of the passages when this function occurs within the prose of the 80s literature in Albanian proze. Here we can say that the authors of socialist realism, have inadvertently followed a tradition or are strongly attached to the motive of recognition. Another important element is the transfiguration, which in the classical structure of the tale on which Propp has based his analysis, is totally physical, and for the most part is associated with a good change in the appearance of the hero, such as the removal of rags and wearing new clothes before taking the throne. In the case of the works analyzed in this paper, we have major changes that occur to the characters, both physically and in character development, but these changes occur with causes predetermined by the author, and do not occur for superficial reasons, as this was against the ideology of the time.




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