Explorative Study of the Impact of Self Confidence among Type 2 Diabetes of Hazaribag District


  • Charanpreet Singh




analysis; self-confidence; type 2 diabetes; non diabetics


The fear psychosis of diabetics such as cardiac panic attack, renal failure, diabetic retinopathy, blindness etc. not only demolishes one’s self confidence but also distort one’s healthy personality life. Pondering over these paramount important points this research was conducted to measure and analyses the impact of self confidence among diabetics. For this 200 samples from Hazaribag District were selected. Incidental cum purposive sampling technique was adopted. The samples were divided into two groups- diabetics and non-diabetics. Again the subjects were divided on the basis of gender- (No.50-male diabetic) (No .50-female diabetic) - (No.50- non diabetic male) - (No.50- non diabetic female.) Two scales namely Personal Data Sheet and Self Confidence Scale by Rekha Agnihotri were administered on these groups. Data was collected, tabulated and analyzed with the help of Mean, SDs and t.-ratio of acquired data. And it was found that t was not significant. So, it can be said that there is no difference in self-confidence between diabetics and non-diabetics. Several factor like age, well settled retirement, religiosity, and enjoying social life same as non-diabetics etc. All this essential factors enhances their self-confidence and were also found responsible for this finding.




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Singh, C. (2020). Explorative Study of the Impact of Self Confidence among Type 2 Diabetes of Hazaribag District. European Journal of Natural Sciences and Medicine, 3(2), 22–39. https://doi.org/10.26417/987uik36b