The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Africa's Healthcare System and Psychosocial Life


  • Amanze Nkemjika Ikwu
  • David Chinasa Igwe
  • Sixtus Ezenwa Nwawudu
  • Adeyemi Samuel Adebayo



Corona virus, COVID-19 , Africa, Healthcare, Psychosocial


The ravaging Corona virus caused many countries of the world to impose partial or total lockdown, African nations inclusive. Most African countries are low-income countries, with most of the population being non-office workers. With the continued spread and rise of COVID-19 in many African nations, the people had no choice but to keep working for their daily survival. Moreover, the current health system in most African countries is weak and unable to tackle the emerging COVID-19 pandemic. The extra burden of the COVID-19 pandemic exposed these gaps and weaknesses. In addition to the effect of the pandemic on Africa's healthcare system, there is an equal and parallel debilitating effect of the virus on the psychosocial lives of Africans. Regardless of the several challenges that African nations face; Is there any way forward? African leaders may be able to unite and reduce their dependency on the international community for aids during health crises. They may also collectively take proactive decisions on strengthening their health systems as they work on educating their people.




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Ikwu, A. N., David Chinasa Igwe, Sixtus Ezenwa Nwawudu, & Adeyemi Samuel Adebayo. (2021). The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Africa’s Healthcare System and Psychosocial Life. European Journal of Natural Sciences and Medicine, 4(1), 39–49.