Preliminary Data Regarding Pharmaceutical Forms Type Gels Based on Marine Algae Extracts with Antioxidant Activity


  • Ticuţa Negreanu-Pîrjol ”Ovidius” University of Constanţa, Faculty of Pharmacy, Constanţa, Romania
  • Bogdan-Ştefan Negreanu-Pîrjol
  • Dan Razvan Popoviciu
  • Florentina Nicoleta Roncea



pharmaceutical formulation, gels, marine algae, Black Sea littoral, total antioxidant capacity


Particularly interest on herbs and plant extracts is due to their content of active principles with remarkable pharmacological properties. Different vegetal species contain natural antioxidants (polyphenols) used for their dermatological anti-inflammatory and healing activity, justified by their action on free radicals. The aim of this paper was to obtain selected phytopharmaceuticals formulations type gels with an increased antioxidant potential based on a mixture of fluid extracts from seaweeds species in the phylum Chlorophyta, Cladophora vagabunda (L.) C. Hoek, in the family Cladophoraceae, Ulva lactuca (L.) syn. Ulva rigida (L.), in the family Ulvaceae (sea lettuce) and species in the phylum Rhodophyta, Ceramium rubrum C. Agardh, in the famiy Ceramiaceae, frequently presents along the Romanian Black Sea coast. Fluid extracts concentration 10 percent were obtained using cold maceration extraction method, in solvents ethylic alcohol 40 percent and 70 percent. The obtained vegetal extracts were mixed in different ratio and analysed for physico-chemical properties, for the content of total phenols, chlorophylls, cartenoids, flavonoids and antioxidative capacity by photochemiluminescence method (ACL, Analytik Jena AG procedure). The selected mixed fluid extracts with greatest content of polyphenols and antioxidant activity were used for obtaining pharmaceutical forms type gels which were analyzed for the physical-chemical properties appearance, pH, spredability and total antioxidative capacity. Preliminary results emphasized that proposed pharmaceutical forms type gels had an appreciable antioxidant activity correlated with a good stability, an increased polyphenols content and would represent a possible new dermatological anti-inflammatory and healing preparation.




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