Characteristics of Techirghiol Sludge and Different Methods of Peloid Therapy


  • Emin Cadar "Ovidius" University of Constanta, Faculty of Pharmacy, Campus Corp C, Street Capitan Aviator Al. Serbanescu, No. 6, Constanta, Romania
  • Bogdan Stefan Negreanu-Pirjol
  • Ticuta Negreanu-Pirjol
  • Rodica Sîrbu



sapropelic sludge, Techirghiol, sensitive endings, tissue oxygenation, general thermoregulation


The paper highlights the physical, chemical and biochemical composition of the sludge and systematizes the beneficial effects obtained by applying Techirghiol sludge through specific procedures. Techirghiol sludge is a well hydrated sapropelic sludge, with a high content of minerals and organic compounds. Following the application of sludge on the skin, a series of processes take place: stimulation of sensitive endings, energy and substance exchanges, general thermoregulation, vitamin D synthesis, regulation of homeostasis balance by immune, endocrine and neurovegetative mechanisms, better tissue oxygenation. The use of Techirghiol sludge in medical therapies is often alternative and complementary treatments in the treatment of diseases that can be good solutions for amelioration various diseases.




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Characteristics of Techirghiol Sludge and Different Methods of Peloid Therapy. (2021). European Journal of Natural Sciences and Medicine, 4(2), 43-52.