The Plasmid Differences in Multi-Drug Resistant Opportunistic Pathogenic Soil Strains of Pseudomonas and Stenotrophomonas


  • Bella Babayan Scientific - Production Center “Armbiotechnology”, National Academy of Sciences, Republic of Armenia,National Polytechnic University of Armenia, faculty of Chemical Technologies and Environmental Engineering



Pseudomonas, Plasmids, antibiotics, multi-drug resistance.


The antibiotic resistance and especially mult-idrug resistance is one of the most important factors for any microorganism survival in nature. In a majority of cases the resistance to antibiotics, as a property is being defined by several genes which are localized in plasmids, transposons and in other mobile genetical elements. As a result, it has been found out that in some native opportunistic pathogenic soil strains of Pseudomonas and Stenotrophomonas, the resistance to different antibiotics is caused by simultaneous presence of different plasmids in cells. Besides, the genes of resistance to various classes of antibiotics of I, II, III generations. They can be localized on one plasmid or in more than one plasmids of current bacterial cell. These plasmids of researched strains of Pseudomonas and Stenotrophomonas are able to stabile replication not only in cells permanently contacting with compatible antibiotic molecules in environment, but also in case of long-term cultivation of bacteria on synthetic media without any antibiotic. The antibiotic resistance of researched Pseudomonas and Stenotrophomonas strains, which is caused by mobile genetical elements, can be transferred among the microorganisms both in frames of one species and in interspecific and intergeneric gene transfer processes. The plasmids with the presence of genes of resistance to different antibiotics can be transferred to different microorganisms independently, with the forming of new resistant strains, which are differing in resistance to natural antimicrobial organic acidcs as well as their synthetic derivatives and it has a significant ecological and medical importance.




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