Cyber Crimes against Women: Qualification and Means


  • Nadjiba Badi Boukemidja PhD, Lecturer at Algiers University -1- , Faculty of law, Algeria.



women, violence, harassment, problems, electronic, legal


Crimes against women are constantly changing, especially with the emergence of electronic means to express them. Thus, violence against women using electronic means, has become a phenomenon with multifaceted manifestations and causes also multiple, it must be measured in all its aspects to combat it effectively. Of course, violence also takes place in the context of a relationship of power and domination, which explains why electronic violence predominates over female violence, which remains largely contained. This violence can be psychological, it consists in denigrating, humiliating, degrading the woman in her human value. It is manifested by verbal attacks, insults, threats, pressure, blackmail, control of activities, isolation of relatives, friends and the outside world. Also, verbal abuse in electronic form, which is the constant repetition of insulting words or insults to a woman. In mistreating the woman, the person behind the screen hurts her as much as if she hit her, because the woman in this case loses self-esteem. Verbal abuse can lead to a range of behavioral, emotional and physical problems. Violence in this context results in the use of hurtful or humiliating words, such as naming a person who is ridiculous, insulting the woman, making racist comments or incessant teasing. In addition to general harassment and sexual harassment more specifically, who may be subject to violence against women, by electronic means. The problem concerns the legal qualification of this kind of violence, what the old texts are enough, then they apply automatically; or the new texts are needed.




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