Silver Surfers and New Media: Experiences, Thoughts and Observations of Elder People about Internet


  • Haluk Birsen Assoc. Prof. Anadolu University, Turkey



Internet Use, Silver Surfer, diffusion of Innovation, Socialization


The effects of internet over media had changed either content production of mass media or audience way of using media. The breaking point created by internet has caused to call Radio, television and newspaper as “traditional media” while creating new media.The passive audience of traditional media had gained an active role by spread of Internet. New audience or user had gain content producer role for new media. There are considerable effects of Social Network Sites on content producing. Social network sites which are simulating social networks existing in public life, had give a new dimension to interpersonal communication with the help of asynchronous, independent from place and continuously opened communication channel. Another word, the interpersonal communication carried to public sphere had become a content of mass communication. When the technology had kept in step with this new situation, audience had increased rapidly. This development had caused wider the age range. Different genders are using new media and especially social network sites for many reasons such as to communicate, to get information, to get news and research. Different generations can show different adaptation levels to new media. It is a reality that people met Internet in early age or people who born in this new era are easily and completely adopted the new technology. The other side of this reality is elder people who had grown up with traditional media cannot easily adopt new media and its technology. That’s why digital nomads and digital migrants discrimination is made. Researches are show that numbers of digital migrants are increasing. These increases show itself especially on to have new technology. This study aims to appear the observations, experience and thoughts of elder people (55 and up) about Internet and using technology. To reach this aim deep interview method are used on 6 women and 6 men who own new media technologies.




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Birsen, H. (2018). Silver Surfers and New Media: Experiences, Thoughts and Observations of Elder People about Internet. European Journal of Social Sciences, 1(3), 85–97.