Effect of Psychological Wellbeing on Violent Behavior among Adolescents In Reference to Parenting Style


  • Reena Jain PhD, Shanghai Mental Health Association, China




Psychological wellbeing, violent behaviour, parenting style, adolescents


Present study aims to find the relationship of psychological wellbeing and violent behavior among adolescents in relation to parenting style. In other words this study wants to see the effect of parenting style on psychological wellbeing and violent behavior among adolescent. A single group co-relational design is planned to see the relationship between the variables of the study. 150 urban adolescents between 14 to 20 years from senior school to under graduate level from different part of the world and social economic background were used as the sample of the study. They were assessed by Ryff’s Psychological Well-Being Scale (PWB) to see psychological wellbeing and Parenting Style Inventory II (PSI-II) by Nancy Darling and Teru Toyokawa is used to know their parental style and Adolescent Violent Behaviour Checklist (AVBC) was used based on the feedback from school/college authorities, parents and neighbours to know their violent behaviour. Pearson product moment correlation method and factor analysis are used to find the results. Negative significant high correlation was found between psychological wellbeing and violent behaviour among adolescents. Psychological wellbeing and authoritative parenting were found significantly positively correlated among adolescents. Positive relation and autonomy (psychological wellbeing factors) were the prominent factors and significantly correlated with authoritative parenting style. Conclusion generated from the study was that psychological wellbeing and authoritative parenting effects negatively in developing violent behaviour among adolescents. In other words both help in developing nonviolence behaviour among adolescents in the world.




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Jain, R. (2018). Effect of Psychological Wellbeing on Violent Behavior among Adolescents In Reference to Parenting Style. European Journal of Social Sciences, 1(3), 103–110. https://doi.org/10.26417/ejss.v1i3.p103-110