Aspects from the Parliamentary Elections’ Campaign of 1925 in the Prefecture of Elbasan


  • Rudina Mita Prof.Ass.Dr. “Aleksander Xhuvani” University, Elbasan, Albania



parliamentary elections, parliament, senate, the chamber of deputies, election campaign, elections law


The first parliamentary election campaign in Albania was held in March – April 1921. This constituted innovation for Albania, since it was considered as a country with a fragile democracy and parliamentarism. The second experience was in December 1923, in the framework of the elections of the Constitutional Assamble, as the institution that would determine the kind of regime in Albania. In January 1924, after the Konstitutional Assamble fulfilled its mission, it changed into Parliament, which executed its activity in two periods 21 January – 2 June; December 1924 – 2 March 1925. The bourgeois-democratic revolution that prevailed in june 1924, continued up to the end of the same year. On 21 January 1925, the constitutional assamble declared the Parliamentary Republic of Albania, with president Ahmet Zogu; on 31 of January there were enacted the first articles of the Republican Status. The new Parliament consisted of two rooms, the Senate and the chamber of deputies. This new system lasted for a short period of time, and it constituted a unique experience in the history of Albanian parliamemtarism. The law concerning the parliamentary elections was enacted on 14 of March 1925. According to the law the elections would be realized at two levels. The opposition and the independent deputies were missing. The parliamentary election campaign in Elbasan, local characteristics, candidates, th two levels of voting, the results and its importance constitute the topic of this paper. The paper is based on archived and media documents, as well as the memorial one.




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