Global Challenges of Social Policy on the Example of the Labor Market: The Experience of Kazakhstan


  • G. Jussupova PhD candidate at the National School of Public PolicyAcademy of Public Administration under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan.



digital technologies, digital government, social policy, social status, employment, labor market, unemployment


The processes of globalization affect many economic and social processes, and the labor market is no exception. The situation in the labor market is always the center of attention for the state, business, and society as a whole. It determines the economic development of the country, social policy, the competitiveness of enterprises, and human capital. This article discusses global challenges such as the fourth industrial revolution, the digital transformation of society and industry, migration processes and informal employment, the problems of identifying social status for the population, and the system of accounting for social benefits. Because the labor market is experiencing the strongest impact of political, economic, social, and demographic processes, it has its own characteristics in each country, and this article discusses the internal problems of the Kazakhstan labor market. In addition, the article provides suggestions for improving social policy issues, employment through the automation of social processes and services, the digitalization of the public and private sectors, and the creation and development of information infrastructure of the labor market.




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Jussupova, G. (2019). Global Challenges of Social Policy on the Example of the Labor Market: The Experience of Kazakhstan. European Journal of Social Sciences, 2(2), 87–91.