The Control of Public Administration


  • Albulena Brestovci College AAB, Prishtina



administration, judicial control, institutions, Kosovo, supervision


Public administration in Kosovo is in a development phase and it is being built under new circumstances which derived from the international civil administration. In this regard it is also ready to undergo under various forms of the control and supervision. With this paper the author makes an analysis of the ways of the judicial control the public administration undergoes based on the positive legislation in Kosovo. For the needs of this paper the combined methodology is used whereas the following methods will be used: method of systemic analysis, method of legal analysis, theological method and the method of theoretical analysis. Analysis, findings and conclusions will contribute the academic debate as well as they will serve the practical work which is being developed within the institutions of the public administration and the work of those that deal with the judicial control and the supervision of the public administration.




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Brestovci, A. (2019). The Control of Public Administration. European Journal of Social Sciences, 2(3), 7–11.