Resilience in Covid-19 Times - Is There a Plan B for the Future? A State of Art


  • Augusto Renato Pérez Mayo PhD., Research Professor, Autonomous University from the State of Morelos
  • Nohemí Roque Nieto
  • Fernando Romero Torres
  • Felipe de Jesús Bonilla Sánchez
  • Ana Elizabeth Salgado Arteaga



resilience, organizations, pandemic, emerging plan


There are three concepts represented that prove the possibilities of finding a plan B for humankind towards a pandemic such as Covid-19. Our papers focus in the study for the prove of the organizational ambit in Mexico, where it hasn’t been valued as a way of well-being to fortify people for a pandemic like Covid-19 in the organizations, that is to say, about which should be the Plan B for humankind, schools, universities, media, governments, and other domains. There is literature presented that provides arguments of an emergent and meaningful change in the paradigm of human evolution and other organization during future pandemics. To describe this change of strategy, we revisit Florentino, Ríos, Carrillo and Sacubo, Molina, Castello, Mikulic and Fernández, Palomar, Matus, Victorio among others. In any context where people are developed, they must confront situations that can affect significantly their life dynamics and lose forever the perception of a reality built over years of life, exposing them to risks on their physical, mental and emotional health. It is argued that the reason why organizations are not listening more, about the emergent sociocultural, economic, political, and even philosophical change that Covid-19 has caused. The general idea of a change on an emergent paradigm and the next step on the history of humankind is being hatched.




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Resilience in Covid-19 Times - Is There a Plan B for the Future? A State of Art. (2020). European Journal of Social Sciences, 3(2), 85-112.