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European Journal Engineering and Formal Sciences (EJFE) is an open access peer reviewed research journal. EJFE welcomes and acknowledges high quality theoretical and empirical original research papers in the field of Engineering and Formal Sciences, case studies, review papers, literature reviews, book reviews, conceptual framework, analytical and simulation models, technical note from researchers, academicians, professional and practitioners from all over the World.

European Journal of Engineering and Formal Sciences

ISSN 2601-8683 (Print)
ISSN 2601-8675 (Online)

Key title: European Journal of Formal Sciences and Engineering


A DOI is assigned at Crossref to each article.

EJFE publishes 2 issues per year periodically available both in print and electronic versions.

1st Issue: January-June (published until 15 May)
2nd Issue: July-December (published until 15 October)


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