Interior Materials and Colors for Study Room Comfort


  • Alexandra Ivanova Associate Professor, Doctor of Art Sciences, Department of Architecture, High School for Building construction “Ljuben Karavelov”, Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Teordor Roshavelov
  • Ivanka Marinova
  • Ivanka Dobreva
  • Nikolai Alexandrov



higher education, interior color, interior material, study room, living comfort


The article studies the properties of interior color schemes and finishing materials in order to find optimal combination for improving indoor conditions in higher education study room and to contribute to better educational process. Optical, physical, physiological and emotional properties of colors and materials are compared to living and study requirements in the context of their complexity. Recommendations for appropriate combinations of finishing materials and colors are given.




How to Cite

Ivanova, A., Teordor Roshavelov, Ivanka Marinova, Ivanka Dobreva, & Nikolai Alexandrov. (2021). Interior Materials and Colors for Study Room Comfort. European Journal of Formal Sciences and Engineering, 4(1), 22–28.