The Ecological Cluster as an Energy Transition Engine


  • Nya Imane PhD Cand., University Mohamed V, Souissi- Rabat
  • Elgraini Mina



energy transition, clean technologies, sustainable development, ecological grouping, territorial governance


The occurrence of successive economic crises, strong competitive pressures, and the degradation of natural and ecological resources are some of the major threats that make energy transition the new holy grail of the 21st century. This awareness of the urgency of the situation opens of the possibility for adopting an alternative approach - one of alliances, partnerships, and cooperation within the framework of exchange and sharing. This is, as Harari put it, the secret of the success of man. It can contribute sure to the goal of sustainable economic development. In line with this, new organizational forms have emerged, with the restructuring of the economy, integration of the principles of sustainable development, and development of renewable energies and clean technologies. These so-called Cleantech ecosystems, clusters focused on sustainable development projects, serve the dual function of at once contributing to economic growth and the attractiveness of an economy for investors and preserving the environment.




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