Plyometric Performance Assessment of Basketball - Volleyball Female Players


  • Enkeleida Lleshi PhD, Sports University of Tirana, Institute of Sport ResearchDepartment of Research in Applied Movement



volleyball, drop jump 40 cm- 60cm, basketball, plyometric.1.


Improving the ability to jump is a major training goal for many sports, and drop jump is the well-known training method used to achieve this improvement. The players in team games should be thrown higher than his or her opponent, and this jump should be executed faster than the opponent's jump. Volleyball - Basketball from the specificity of their training, there are differences in the physical qualities of individual and team sports performance, where one of the elements is vertical jumping in training the plyometric. This study is concentrated on two teams: Women’s Volleyball Team (V) and Women’s Basketball Team (B) 15 members each, focusing on 30 subjects. Players were measured in physical parameters; Age (V-24: B-27), Body Height (V-180.4cm; B-173.4cm), Body Weight (V-70.37kg; B-63.88kg), BMI (V-21.67 percent; B-20.93 percent). The players performed the test DJ 40cm and DJ60cm in the platform Leonardo® Ground Force Reaction Plate (GRFP) which expresses Force max (kN), Power max (w/kg), Time Contact (TCs), Air Time (TAs), TA/TCs. Results obtained by GRFP showed different team values of the two sports in the parameters of test from DJ40 cm and DJ 60cm. The TA/TC show V1.89-B1.85 in DJ40 test and TA/TC in DJ60 V1.96-B1.71. The results showed statistically significant improvement with respect to F max (kN), F max (kg N) and power (kg W) at the level of p = 0.05. Conclusion; The methodology used helps us to compare high and poor performances, which help trainers to program a more detailed plyometric training for the development of athletes' jumping ability. Through the Drop Jump test it can be achieved to be evaluated not only by the height of the development of vertical jump but also by the phase of stay in the air. Through value comparisons, between tests and sports, trainers can develop programmed plyometric.




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