Metanoia Vs Paranoia – New Existential Position


  • Naum Ilievski "PhD, Faculty of Psychology, International Slavic University “Gavrilo R. Derzhavin”, Sveti Nikole, R. North Macedonia"
  • Angelina Ilievska "MD, Psychotherapist, Psychiatrist, Private Practice, Skopje, R. North Macedonia"


metanoia, paranoid existential position, ego, projection, christian psychotherapy, transactional analysis


Comparative analysis of metanoia not only as a psychological but a broader spiritual concept versus the paranoid existential position with the accent on the projection as a primitive defence mechanism. These phenomena were studied from phenomenological, psychodynamic, and theological points of view. The theory of personality of Christian psychotherapy and Transactional Analysis concepts are applied. The ego as a psychological apparatus limits human behaviour and actions by constant activation of defence mechanisms that often lead to psychopathology. In Christian psychotherapy metanoia as the desired level is a state of deep spiritual transformation opposite of the distorted psychological conditions.




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