Universal Nominations Samples in Main Languages


  • Kulzhanova Bakytgul Kazakh National University after Al-Faraby
  • Sagyndykuly Berikbay




universal, nomination, samples, main, languages


Significant discoveries are made in Turkology in recent years. As a result, there is a great opportunity to explore in-depth of the history of the word. If to be exact, the most important things, the archetypes of consonant of Turkic languages (including world languages in its broad sense) are identified. Significant results are made due to the fact of clarification of original and archaic types of sounds. The importance of the restoration of archetype of consonants and vowels in retrospective direction or, on the contrary, the replacement of their synchronic variants that were formulated over time in perspective direction is the following: if etymology of any word is analyzed, it will be easier to explore its origin.




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Bakytgul, K., & Sagyndykuly Berikbay. (2015). Universal Nominations Samples in Main Languages. European Journal of Language and Literature, 1(3), 38–45. https://doi.org/10.26417/ejls.v3i1.p38-45