Teacher’s Proficiency, and the Communicative Approach in Enhancing Students’ Performance in English Language Learning


  • Hysen Kasumi English Faculty, AAB University, Prishtinë, Kosovë




English teacher; teaching and learning; teaching methods; Communication Language Teaching; Kosovo curriculum.


Even though we live in the century of constructivism, where teaching is based on student-centered model of constructivist approach, again the teacher plays a key role in teaching and learning. Therefore, our research has to do with the literature review, regarding teacher’s qualities, skills and knowledge to fit with the new experiences, needs and challenges. In our research, we used the qualitative method by observing the English language teachers and their uses of the English teaching methods, to continue with the implementation of Communicative Language Teaching Syllabus in some urban and rural schools of Republic of Kosovo. Furthermore, there was also conducted an empirical research regarding student performance based on the four language skills such as reading, writing, speaking and listening. It was also used the experimental method to see the differences of students’ performance, of those who are taught using the Communicative Language Teaching Methodand those who are taught with other methods.