Language Skills among Students in the Field of Engineering


  • Slađana Živković



English course, engineering students, language skills


The present paper aims to shed light on the importance of language skills perceived by students in the field of engineering. The English course is designed to help students to improve their reading, writing, listening and speaking skills related to the specific topics in engineering, and thus to prepare them for their future career. Students are aware of the fact that in today’s globalized and competitive world companies need highly qualified specialists who possess not only professional knowledge and competencies but also adequate language proficiency necessary to succeed in the job market. So, the study examines students’ perceptions and attitudes towards the use of language skills for understanding, explaining and doing engineering. The results of the research show a strong interest in taking a career-related course and strengthening knowledge of the English language.




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Živković, S. (2015). Language Skills among Students in the Field of Engineering. European Journal of Language and Literature, 1(3), 82–89.