Advantages of Using Technology to Teach English Language in Multicultural Classrooms. (Albanian Case)


  • Arti Omeri



Internet, Computer, Technology, E-mail, Multicultural classroom, English teaching, Education.


In recent years technology has had a huge impact on all aspects of life. As such the education would not be an exception. Albania like the rest of European countries has tried to keep in touch with the introduction of new technologies in education. The Albanian government has been very ambitious to implement the new technologies in all its public schools and universities across the country. The intended success was not a simple task to be achieved due to several factors. As a result in some public educational institutions there is still a lack of technology. In many others, especially in private institutions lecturers and teachers make full use of technology. This research is focused on the advantages that such technology has brought in teaching English language in multicultural classrooms in Albania. Results from different point of views will be discussed in the study. There was also conducted a survey in some Albanian universities to measure the impact and the role that the new technology has played since its introduction. There were 15 questions in the questionnaire that was conducted in private and public universities. The answers will be evaluated and analyzed accordingly in order to consider the advantages that this process has brought in our country. The study is important as it will try to find out not only the level of success but also the difficulties that must be very carefully dealt and analyzed in order to find the better ways to improve the situation.




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