An Approach to Study of Tasavvuf in Albanian Literature: From Conception to the Tasavvuf Attendance


  • Adem Balaban
  • Bünyamin Çağlayan
  • Rahım Ombashı



mystical, poetic, text, Divan, tesavvuf, ethnic, universal


Hafiz Ali Korça had singled Islamic mysticism and its poetics, the tasavvuf, Oriental Sufi literature of Omar Khayyam. Nezim Berati, author of the Divan, the names mutesavvif. The form and manner of spiritual cleansing, uplifting, lighting internal and external, in order to obtain the agreement of God and eternal bliss, has singled out the Eqrem Çabej to Naim Frashëri poetic beginnings. Religious feelings helped him strengthen ethnic sense. The Divan, in complex form of oriental supplied popular culture, written text spoken text (sung text). Paid the debt that had to Albanian oral literary culture. The study will argue that the Albanian literature is added value. Our history of the spiritual culture of literary monuments go 4. The Divan first Albanian has pure literary discourse. It is a way of being self-sufficient. The truth of gazellas, his kasidas possible. Marked what could happen. The event provided the writers figured through the process of story, description or image. Real size of fables not lose, time and space are not fantasy. Therefore this is not fantasy literature, but the tassavvuf. Its hero acts in the domain of spirituality. As a combination of spiritual requirements for completing their dream. It is poetry as a separate value and beauty. Austrian researcher Han author make antonymyzation Anakreont of Albania. The Divan in Albanian literature was a unified stylistic formation, which served the Islamic aesthetic purpose. Her literary theoretical codification is tasavvuf. Is more universal than the national poet, despite the trend towards national.




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