The Arabic Teacher’s Training and the Effect of Their Work Success: a Case Study of Sultan Idris Education University (UPSI)


  • Suo Yan Mei Sultan Idris education university Malaysia.



Arabic Teacher’s Training, The Effect, work success


This research investigates the Arabic Teachers’ training and the effect of their work success, a case study of Sultan Idris Education University Malaysia (UPSI). The study will use mixed methods between quantitative which use questioners that will distribute among students at UPSI those who studying and was studied Arabic language as their medium.. This study found that the teachers’ training was highly impacted on their work success in the field according to the data collection of the study. Overall, The contents, materials, facilities and curriculum which are offered by the Arabic unit of UPSI was suitable for the teacher’s training, as well as , the students were giving full intentions to all language skills and another sub educational skills during their training and practical training. Clarity, it seems that majority of students were familiar with the teaching methods used in teaching and learning process based on the high percentage