The Effect of Teaching Word Formation Theory to English Students


  • Miranda Enesi



Word formation, prefixes, suffixes, words, vocabulary.


The word-formation theory is often avoided in English language course books and little research is conducted on the pedagogical status of word-building process. However, many researchers and lecturers have realized the effect of teaching word-formation theory in English languages course books. English language lecturers have noted that vocabulary is very important in various subjects of English language branch curricula. For this reason, we must admit that the processes of word-formation, through which every language vocabulary can be enriched, are very important in English language teaching and learning. Word formation components such as prefixes, suffixes, etymology, history of words and other required materials in composing the vocabulary of English language are tested in Aleksandër Moisiu University. The results have revealed a significant and successful effect of teaching Word formation theory, this way showing the colossal importance of this important language aspect in every English language edition course book. This paper has two aims: first to review types of English word-formation and, second, to discuss the absence and the need for word-formation theory in English language course books. Keywords: Word formation, prefixes, suffixes, words, vocabulary.