Using Qr Codes as a Resourceful Ict Tool in the Elt Classroom


  • Sarp Erkir American University of the Middle East



QR codes, teaching English as a foreign language, technology in the classroom


As the incorporation of technology into language instruction becomes more prevalent, teachers and researchers look into ways of using mobile tools in the classroom. Using QR codes for language instruction is one example of successful incorporation of a mobile technology, which allows educators to draw on the motivational value of technology while using tools that are fit for the purpose of effective instruction. QR codes are everywhere. Students see these codes everyday outside the classroom. They will be fascinated at the prospect of using this technology in the classroom. Similarly, teachers are eager to adopt new technologies, provided they are simple and efficient. And there is a reason why QR codes are everywhere: they are simple and efficient. This workshop aims at familiarizing participants with this very practical and efficient mobile tool that teachers can easily use at every level of language instruction. The presenter will first provide theoretical background explaining what QR codes are and how the use of QR codes enhances classroom instruction. This discussion will be followed by a hands-on training session where the participants will be guided through the steps of creating URLs and QR codes for classroom use. In the last part of the workshop, the presenter will share practical ideas on how these codes can be used in various ways including sample assignments and projects. The workshop will conclude with a discussion of the motivational value that the QR codes can bring to the classroom.