The Formation Process of Terms from Common Albanian Words in Technical Terminologies (Mechanical, Electrical, Construction)


  • Gani Pllana University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina” Faculty of Mechanical Engineering Republic of Kosova



terms, formation process, common Albanian words, terminology, mechnical, electrical, constraction.


In this paper, in a more pronounced way we are exploring with priority the formation process of terms from Albanian common words in technical terminologies (mechanical, electrical, construction). The influence of the scientific-technical language on the general one will be further strengthened in future, because science and its language are beginning to play an increasingly more important role on the development of culture in general. Under the influence of these factors, the terminology lexicon and the general lexicon are getting every step closer, where, an intellectualized lexicon is serving as the basic interlink which exists in both macro-layers. On the other hand, this problem could be linked in a particular way with the formation in the course of the times, of the technical terminology built on the basis of words of the native language, which are raised to the level of terms for the nomination of specialized concepts of this field. Thus, for example, a range of words can be brought forward, which we come across as early as in Buzuk’s creation "Meshari’’ (“Missal”) (1555), which today are used as terms also, not only directly in today’s technical fields, like: fuqi, forcë, bosht, rrotë, rrotullohet (rrotulluem), (Engl. power, strength, axle, wheel, spinning (spinned) etc. As is evident, on this basis primarily Albanian terminology formations are created, alongside formations originating from foreign languages, as well as those built on the basis of authentic Albanian and of word formative models and types (term formative) thereof: boshtor, i rrotullueshëm (Engl. axial, rotating) etc.