Grammar Activities of Spanish Language in Albanian Auditorium.


  • Dr. Viola BITI Spanish Department, University of Tirana, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Albania



grammar activities, auditorium, Spanish language, method.


The attitude towards grammatical exercises of a foreign language is one of the fundamental pillars upon which differences and changes of methods are historically produced. It's like an image of teaching practice. Switching from the traditional approach to the direct method, from the audio-visual method to the actual communicative methods through natural access is complemented by grammar with its own activities as a concrete way to develop language, as well as a way to see how it can be best learned. The place where grammatical activities can be developed, “the auditorium” where the student learns being a participant and cooperating with other students, with the teacher in the real process of research and joint construction of knowledge in personal and relevant social issues. The teaching process of foreign languages may take place in various forms: linguistic projects, occasional texts analysis, solution of situations or problems or preparation of topics that may arise during scientific activity. The grammar of Spanish language is consulted between lecturers who define a basic method that serves to orientate, but in many cases it happens that each of the teachers uses methods that are considered appropriate based on the requirements and capacities of students' learning process who are participants in the auditorium.