The Algerian Post-Independence Linguistic Policy - a Recovery of National Identity


  • Dr. Malika Sahel Ecole Nonnale Superieure/Bouzareah (E.N.S.B) Department of English



Post-independence, Algeria, National identity, Linguistic policy.


The Arabic language and education in Algeria faced hard times under the French occupation and witnessed the dramatic decline of literacy rate among the Algerian population up to independence (1830-1962). Indeed French determined and well-planned history of domination, systematic illiteracy, linguistic and cultural alienation and socio-economic deprivation had a significant impact on the form, pace, direction and purpose of educational strategy options in post-independence Algeria. Accordingly, the planned objectives of Algerian policy were to regain identity, ensure personality growth of the young Algerian generations and lay the ground for the learning of modem technologies in order to participate in the national development and cope with economic demands of the modem world.