Images in Educational Textbooks and Educational Audiovisual Media


  • Archontia Foutsitzi Laboratory Teaching Staff, Department of Primary Level Education, Democritus University of Thrace



image, illustration of educational textbooks, images in audiovisual media.


The role and contribution of images to the educational process has been pointed out by many researchers. Images are a source of information and for this reason their use in education is both important and valuable. Their enduring nature is demonstrated by their long-lasting presence in educational textbooks at every level of education. The introduction of new audiovisual media into the practice of teaching has resulted in a change in the traditional way in which they appear and are displayed. However, the factor which has remained stable and unaltered is the benefit which results from their being used.




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Foutsitzi, A. (2022). Images in Educational Textbooks and Educational Audiovisual Media. European Journal of Language and Literature, 8(2), 26–32.