The Effect of Care Quality by Managing the Institute of Anatomy Pathology in Kosovo


  • Sadushe Loxha The Institute of Pathological Anatomy of Kosovo, Chief of Laboratory
  • Rudina Degjoni


Kosovo, Institution Anatomy Pathology, management, diagnostic services, quality of diagnosis, clinical practices


Background: The management of the Institute of Pathological Anatomy in Kosovo is the only institution providing tertiary diagnostic services for the population of Kosovo. In the diagnosis and treatment of patients in the IPA, the priority is to manage the quality and accuracy of the diagnostic results. The IPA mission is to improve workflow management, reduce diagnostic errors, increase speed and diagnose quality. Purpose: The purpose of this study is to identify the effect of quality of care diagnostic services in IPA and to assess to the management of IPA to change the factors that have affected the management of the institution so far. These factors relate to centralization, lack of autonomy, lack of financial resources for facility maintenance, lack of modern diagnostic equipment, lack of clinical specialties, lack of medical reagents, lack of clinical protocols. Bureaucratic hacks designed by health policy makers in Kosovo have influenced the progress of the IPA, so slowly to date. Method: With a random sampling, 250 patients with different health problems (tumors) were recruited into the IPA for the period January 2018. The average age of participating subjects (n=250) by random sampling was 56.6 ± 11.6 years, where age group the youngest of patients ranging from 20 to 35 years old, which accounts for 6, 40 percent of the total number of patients diagnosed, the age group 36-50 is 32.80 percent, the age group of 51-65 years old 42 percent and the age group- 65 years old represents 18.80 percent of the total number of patients diagnosed in IPA. Results: The abstract concludes with a list of evidences facing the public IPA in Kosovo. IPA’s management role is a new approach, important to Kosovo and the health of its population. Increasing and timely provision of patient diagnosis is the achievement of institution management and the advancement of diagnostic quality of examinations in this institution. The evidence, that collaboration between IPA's internal and external clinicians and the use of advanced technology will significantly increase the patient's diagnostic activity. Finding outcomes will have a theoretical and practical impact on improving IPA work by recommending a research with some key findings for IPA management.




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