Human Rights and Social Work in the Brazilian Context: Diversified Language Games


  • Cristiana Montibeller Schroeder Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Social Work, University of Coimbra , Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, Catholic University of Portugal, School of Human Sciences. Portugal



Human Rights; Social Work; language games.


This article is the result of an exploratory bibliographic study that consists in provoking reflections and presenting discussions on the theme of human rights and social service in the Brazilian context, as well as on the guarantee of rights and diversified and divergent language games. The scenario of the world crisis, in Latin America and specifically in Brazil, causes social service to face a historical and structural process of social inequality, a crisis that deeply cuts across the welfare state and the ineffectiveness of public policies. The challenges faced by social work are unquestionable as the profession faces different language games in social and political contexts that diverge between human needs and ideological interests in a constant struggle for social advances and setbacks. The approach methodology is analytical and critical, part of the analysis of concepts and perspectives from theoretical frameworks on human rights, social work and language games.




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