The City’s Regulatory Plans in the First Half of the 20th Century


  • Eftiola Thanas Invited lecturer at “Fan S. Noli” University, Korça



Korça, Regulatory plan, First haf of the twentieth century, Road, Engineer Kohler, Bertold, Engineer Nostos, D.Pilika, Engineer Armenante


The aim of this work is to throw light on the regulatory plans of the city of Korça. Based on the researches done in the press of time and in the relevant institutions as well, it comes out that the city had a regulatory plan for its development. It is documented in the press of time since 1875 making it an early document for both the city and Albania in general. These data derive mainly from the press of time published in Korças they have had a great impact on the social and economic life of the city. The ever documented regulatory plan is that of 1931 in co-operation with two foreign engineers and approved by the Albanian Ministry of Infrastructure. Based not only on the press publications, but also on what we have inherited up to nowadays, we conclude that this plan has never been implemented. The only “ new thing ” this plan brought is the “ Pirro Boulevard ” or the today known “ Skenderbe ” , ( Scanderbeg ) which joins the Shen Gjergj Blvd with that of “ Republikës ” ( Republic ) . In the end, based on archive researches we can deduce that the city of Korça has been among the first cities of Albania having a regulatory plan. A concise and definite fact is the article of 1910 which speaks of “ the City Card ” ( Chart ).




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