EFL Corner in Algeria: Single-Sex vs Co-Educational Schools


  • Faiza Haddam Bouabdallah




Algerian context – EFL students – single-sex and co-educational schools.


Nowadays, English is significantly popular among Algerian generation but not to such an extent to be used in social context. Its use is, however, limited to classroom environment except for those students who are fond of this foreign language and master it with a high level of fluency. The purpose of this paper is to highlight the status of English as second foreign language in Algeria, and how it has been injected within the educational system by taking into consideration social and cultural aspects. Education is a process and like other processes, it is exposed to several factors, some of which are aid and some others are obstructive. The type of school can be one of these factors that may affect teachers and students: Single-sex or coeducational schools. Algeria is a country that still offers different types of schools that have great impact on pedagogy and on learners’ performance in the EFL context due to social and cultural impacts.




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Bouabdallah, F. H. (2021). EFL Corner in Algeria: Single-Sex vs Co-Educational Schools. European Journal of Education, 4(2), 44–50. https://doi.org/10.26417/214xfp99d