The New Integral Transform: "NE Transform" and Its Applications


  • Ervenila Musta Xhaferraj Department of Mathematical Engineering, Faculty of Mathematical Engineering and Physics Engineering, Polytechnic University of Tirana, Albania


NE integral transform, Laplas transform, Natural transform , Aboodh transform , Ordinary diferencial equation


This work introduces a new integral transform for functions of exponential order called “NE integral transform”. We prove some properties of NE -transform. Also, some applications of the NE- transform to find the solution to ordinary linear equation are given. The relationships of the new transform with well-known transforms are characterized by integral identities. We study the properties of this transform. Then we compare it with few exiting integral transforms in the Laplace family such as Laplace, Sumudu, Elzaki , Aboodh and etc. As well, the NE integral transform is applied and used to find the solution of linear ordinary differential equations.




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The New Integral Transform: "NE Transform" and Its Applications. (2023). European Journal of Formal Sciences and Engineering, 6(1), 22-34.