Fairy Tales and the Lingual and Intellectual Development in Preschoolers


  • Sindorela Doli Kryeziu Assoc. Prof. Dr., University of Gjakova "Fehmi Agani". Kosova


fairy tale, socialization, communication, education, culture.


A fairy tale as a form of a cultural code is the most important tool for cultural and ethnic socialization, the transfer of   social experience, values, and worldview.   Modern society is characterized by a high level of technologization, standardization, and universalization of the communication process which leads to the formation of new social practices of communication of various social groups. The article is focused on highlighting the functional and activity role of a fairy tale in the formation of the social memory of the younger generation and the features of the implementation of intergenerational communication through the fairy tale. Communication is a  powerful mechanism to live a life of harmony, impact and emotional resilience. Effectively conveying your thoughts into words that build trust and influence has the ability to dramatically shift the course of your life. Think about some of the most legendary people that have lived on this planet. In modern society, the range of communication agents in the transmission of social experience between   generations has significantly expanded.   There appear agents of non-family communication, which take part in the transmission of cultural memory and the formation of memory places in the younger generation.




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