Tourism Clusters, Characteristics, Principles and Developing Theory


  • Xhevahir Doçaj
  • Shpresim Domi
  • Arben Terpollari
  • Edmond KADIU



Tourism, cluster, competition, cooperation, sustainable development


This is a descriptive paper that intends to analyze the Tourism Cluster Theory, considering the theoretical consideration, different opinions and ways of approaches. It considers carefully definitions, and the essential basic factors and characteristics that determine conditions and chances of creating a tourism cluster system. Importance of the competition and possible cooperation meantime between present actors in a specific location. Very significant aspects and elements of the cluster areas follows: technology, innovation and creative innovative ideas, marketing, operating mode; significance of suppliers evaluating meantime its influence on the added value chain of local Agri-tourism development. Clusters as well can create economy of scales and bring profits to the cluster’s actors. Furthermore, concept of the sustainable tourism is a keyword of developing policies, what makes present active subjects to think globally.




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Doçaj, X., Domi, S., Terpollari, A., & Edmond KADIU. (2018). Tourism Clusters, Characteristics, Principles and Developing Theory. European Journal of Marketing and Economics, 1(3), 39–43.