Promotion on Marketing Decision-Making: “Case Study Albtelecom Eagle Mobile”


  • Servet Gura Department of Marketing - Tourism, Faculty of Economy, University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania
  • Kriselda Gura



Marketing Decision-Making, Promotion Mix, Telecommunication Sector1.


Decision-making is what is behind every action performed by each entity, company or organization. Due to the fact that, telecommunication companies can be listed among the organizationswhich undertake almost more than other companies promotion activities, this paper analyses the marketing decision-making process related to promotion mix of one of the largest company of the telecommunication sector in Albania “Albtelecom- Eagle Mobile”. The study aims to observe marketing decision-making process at telecommunication companies, presentation of the practical side of this process, and to identify factors that influence this process in Albanian market. Methodology used to collect the primary data/informationand to arrive in concrete results, is interview with open question. Among the main and concrete finding of the work we may emphasize those: while the company undertake promotion decisionthe purpose of promotion should be to sell something, product life cycle is the key factor taken into consideration on promotion activities by the companies operating on the telecommunication sector, thecustomers buying nature significantly affect the promotional strategy of companies, and most importantly, companies must promote with a certain strategy. It finally recommends development of promotional activities which are more creative, and attraction of the target market through those activities, companies must be sure for the message to be easily understandable for the consumers and customers.




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Gura, S., & Gura, K. (2018). Promotion on Marketing Decision-Making: “Case Study Albtelecom Eagle Mobile”. European Journal of Marketing and Economics, 1(3), 78–87.