Some Factors for Growing Savings in Kosovo


  • Fitim Mexhuani Department of Finance, Europian University of Tirana
  • Artur Ribaj



commercial banks, savings, factors for growing savings


The main problem for developing countries is the lack of investment, which consequently limits the country's economic growth. Developing the real sector of any economy is not an issue that should be left to random actors. So, the Government of Kosovo, Bank of Kosovo and Commercial Banks are the three main actors that should be focused on factors that influence the growth of the level of domestic savings. By channeling savings into Kosovo's economy through banks for investments in healthy financial capital, Kosovo becomes economically and politically more developed and independent. This paper based on literature analyses and data processing identifies some of the factors that could affect the growth of savings in Kosovo, as these will lead to higher level of financial capital for entrepreneurs and the continuity of the country's economic growth. Taxation and income levels, demographic variables, confidence and deposit security, banking network, state-owned bank, financial education and financial inclusion are among the key factors of increasing savings. The interest rate is also important factor, but since this factor is often subject of other papers, we did not incorporate it in this paper.




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Mexhuani, F., & Ribaj, A. (2018). Some Factors for Growing Savings in Kosovo. European Journal of Marketing and Economics, 1(3), 131–140.