Problems of Language Education in Pre-School Children


  • Edlira Troplini Abdurahmani Aleksandër Moisiu, University Durrës Faculty of Education, Department of Albanian Language



preschool cycle, real situation, legal framework, suggestions, improvements.


In Albania, work on shaping a good communicative competence is unfortunately not starting in the preschool cycle. Even the legal framework for this cycle leaves much to be desired. It gives more importance to other study cycles, such as primary, ninth grade, high school and university. In this paper we will first deal with the description of the real situation of language competence in the age group of pre-school children, to see then how much the so-called legal framework has been met for this cycle and how the objectives set up by it have been fulfilled. After that, we are going to set out some important milestones regarding the teaching of the Albanian language, which should be taken into account in the law on preschool education and then propose their implementation successfully based on strategies and methods practiced earlier from developed countries. All this will be done by taking into account some conclusions of certain language disciplines regarding the childrens ability and language capacity, shaping the basics of their communicative competence which are very important for good language education in this age group.




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