Developing Pupils Language in Primary School Based on Technology


  • Georgeta Pânișoară
  • Silvia Făt
  • Lazăr Iulia
  • Mata Liliana
  • Cristina Sandu



language, technology, digital learning, virtual reality


This study aims to identify the level of language difficulties for children in primary school and to open teachers to use virtual methods in teaching through technology. The participants in this study were 122 Romanian teachers with different levels of experience. The method used was a questionnaire created by ourselves to which we applied the Cronbach alpha index to measure the fidelity of each item. The questionnaire aimed at identifying the sources of speech difficulties, teaching methods used by teachers, and teachers perceptions about the use of technology and its effectiveness in relieving language difficulties. The results of this research were introduced into statistical interpretation programs to confirm the hypotheses, the data obtained confirmed the use of teaching methods by teachers and their opening to the combination of technology in didactic activity.




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Pânișoară, G., Făt, S. ., Iulia , L., Liliana , M., & Cristina Sandu. (2018). Developing Pupils Language in Primary School Based on Technology. European Journal of Education, 1(1), 30–35.