The Teacher, Teaching and the Learning Styles of the Students


  • Lindita Lutaj University Aleksander Moisiu, DurresFaculty of education, Department of Pedagogy, Albania



teachers, teaching, learning styles, adoption


The learning styles are ways or methods through which a pupil learns, perceives and understands information. The recognition of the learning styles is very important as it creates for the teachers the possibility to select the techniques and proper strategies in accordance with these styles. This study aims to highlight the importance that the style recognition has from the teacher and to evaluate the role in adopting the teaching conform them. In the study we have assessed if the selection of the techniques and strategies of teaching conform pupils style leads to a more effective learning. The study included teachers ( N=30 ) and pupils ( N=300 ) from the elementary cycle of schools in the city of Tirana. The instrument used was the questionnaire for the teachers and another one for the pupils of the schools in the study. From the analysis of the data we noticed that recognizing the learning styles from the teachers helps in the realization of the more productive hours and the improvement of the quality of the school hours. Each pupil has his own way of learning. This way is taken into consideration form the teacher when he plans the activities during his teaching, in order to achieve success in each student. The teacher plays an important role in adopting the teaching methods according to the students styles by ensuring a more effective learning. The use of information technology during class hours helps the pupils in their learning styles. Providing information to the parents for their children methods of learning is very important, as it makes the parents create the best conditions for the children to study.




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