Active and Participatory Teaching Methods


  • Nicoleta Ramona Ciobanu Assistant Professor, PhD, University of OradeaFaculty of Humanistic and Social Sciences, Romania



modern methods, active-participatory methods, traditional methods, teaching, didactic strategies


By active-participatory methods, we understand all the situations in which students are placed and who take them out of the subject of the object of training and turn them into active subjects, co-participants in their own training, not only the active methods themselves. Student-centered learning is an approach that involves an active learning style and the integration of learning programs according to the pupil's own learning rhythm. The student must be involved and accountable for the progress he has made in terms his own education. Among the teaching-learning methods are those through which students work productively with each other, develop collaborative skills and mutual help. They can have a tremendous impact on pupils due to their names, playability, and provide children's learning alternatives. In order to develop critical thinking in pupils, we must use, above all, some active-participative strategies, creative. They must not be broken by traditional ones; they mark a higher level in the spiral of the modernization of didactic strategies.




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