Education, Pedagogy and Literacies: Challenges and Horizons of Film Literacy


  • Luís Miguel Cardoso PhD, Polytechnic Institute of Portalegre and CEC – University of Lisbon
  • Teresa Mendes



education, pedagogy and literacies, challenges, horizons, film, literacy


The contemporary society has given rise to the profound need to introduce in the fields of pedagogy and didactics the work with literacies and the transmutation capacity of the teacher as a new actor in these themes, facing them as challenges that allow a more adequate formation in contemporaneity. Our aim is to reflect on the potential of teaching emerging literacies, based on studies on education and literacy, in order to update teachers for the 21st century, that is, with new skills that are now needed to deal with a new public, an information society increasingly full of data, platforms and languages. Between the most relevant literacies we find the film literacy that has a transversal, interdisciplinary and multicultural nature, as well as a double requirement: the knowledge of its identity as an autonomous matter of study and its teaching, allowing the transmission of semiotic instruments and tools, adaptable to different audiences and characteristics. Film literacy requires an axial place in Higher Education, along with other Literacies, in order to allow the acquisition of an adequate semiotic response to the ever more complex and omnipresent universe of information.




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Cardoso, L. M., & Mendes, T. . (2022). Education, Pedagogy and Literacies: Challenges and Horizons of Film Literacy. European Journal of Education, 5(2), 145–155.