Quality at Newly Established Private Universities: New Strategies for Leadership Management


  • Skender Bruçaj




newly established university, quality, leadership management, higher education, total quality


Nowadays, the demand for quality in higher education is increasing. The process of massification and internalization of universities require better performance in quality of teaching, academic research and other educational related activities. In this context universities in order to be competitive and successful in market they have to rethink their strategies and to be open to new leadership management approaches .Well established universities due to their institutional culture may face some barriers when they try to make changes on their managerial strategies .In addition newly established universities have a significant chance on designing and implementing new fruitful strategies regarding students enrolment , academic activities and education management .Those strategies will contribute to enhance quality in higher education in short periods and to be more capable of overcoming new challenges. Therefore, the role of leadership management is very significant regarding designing and implementing the most appropriate strategies for their institutions. The aim of study is providing a managerial framework for leadership management of newly established universities by promoting a total quality educational approach. This study will focus on challenges of newly established universities in Albanian higher education system




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Bruçaj, S. (2019). Quality at Newly Established Private Universities: New Strategies for Leadership Management. European Journal of Education, 2(1), 16–21. https://doi.org/10.26417/ejed-2019.v2i1-49