Integrating Knowledge Society: A Survey Led in Three Universities


  • Azzedine Bouderbane
  • Teboura Benkaid Kesba
  • Nadjia Gamouh



Knowledge society; complex society; prerequisite factors; integration; survey; university teachers; Constantine.


Knowledge is considered as a general basic principle for managing the individual’s tasks and activities and for organizing society. This precious resource is so important that its acquisition is able to provide strength and wealth to its holder. The environment in which we interact now is known as ‘Knowledge Society’. One can notice from this terminology that knowledge is pre-requisite for people who wish to live in this modern space. However, knowledge alone is no longer sufficient to integrate this complex society. Several other factors are now needed to integrate ‘Knowledge society’. A lot of people are interested in getting a place in this new society, but they do not really know about the parameters required by ‘Knowledge society’. A problem is stated and some questions are raised: What are the fundamental factors that people should acquire to be able to integrate this new complex society? Is it easy to acquire these factors? We attempted to answer these questions through a survey that we led with a sample of university teachers from three universities in the city of Constantine. We adopted the descriptive approach and used the interview as an instrument for collecting data. Significant results were obtained. The main result consisted in the acquisition of digital literacy.




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