The Importance of the Portfolio on Students' Achievements


  • Luiza Myrtaj



: Assessment, student, file / portfolio, teaching


This study presents the results of a research work, which aims to highlight the importance of the portfolio on students' achievements. The study aims to validate the hypothesis that the creation of a portfolio / portfolio is one of the major factors by which the teacher appreciates the student's progress. The purpose of the paper is to analyze the student's evaluation effect through the dossier and its impact on the results of their achievements. To substantiate the hypothesis we raised the research question of research: What impact does the file have on student assessment? From the results of the distributed questionnaires, we could understand that a file should show a student's story. From the results of the research, we have come to the conclusion that students are familiar with the preparation, purpose of drafting the dossier and see it as a very good option in their final assessment. The data was obtained through questionnaires. The study was attended by 27 students studying at the secondary school “Kongresi i Manastirit "in Tirana", who attended classes VI-IX. Student subjects have been studied according to these variables: age, gender, classes that teach.




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Myrtaj, L. (2019). The Importance of the Portfolio on Students’ Achievements. European Journal of Education, 2(1), 76–79.