The Blockchain Challenge for Higher Education Institutions


  • Halvdan Haugsbakken Department of Sociology and Political Science, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
  • Inger Langseth



blockchain, universities, digital technologies, governance


Blockchain technology is argued to be the next “big” digital technology trend that will challenge a number of organizations, including higher education institutions. In contrast, higher education institutions have a history of being slow to adopt new digital technologies in the organizational apparatus. The question that remains discussing is whether universities will approach blockchain technologies in ways that are different from traditional research and education. This paper intends to discuss three particular ways in which blockchain may challenge higher education institution. The paper questions whether blockchain technologies can democratize and automate learning process, reduce costly bureaucracy and be adopted in higher education institutions. In sum, the intent is to invite to a discussion on blockchain and address whether or in what ways higher education institutions should adopt blockchain technologies as a digital technology.




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Haugsbakken, H., & Langseth, I. (2019). The Blockchain Challenge for Higher Education Institutions. European Journal of Education, 2(3), 24–29.