Instructional Design in Online Education: a Systemic Approach


  • Luis Fernando Muñoz González
  • Vieyra Gerardo Quiroz



Online. education, models, virtual learning environments, electronic platforms, instructional design models, instructional design processes.


Online education is becoming more and more valid, but as a different modality from the face-to-face teaching-learning process, it has special characteristics that must be considered. Online education is much more than uploading material to a repository and using it in a linear manner. Electronic online education platforms, seen as an integral system, offer a large number of technological resources that must be used according to the educational model that is being applied. To achieve good performance, an online education model must be based on a harmonious architecture of the educational, administrative, legal and infrastructure aspects of ICT, that is, an integral model. The educational models created based on the prevailing pedagogical models - behavioral, constructivist, cognitive and connectivist - must be implemented through an instructional design, aligned with the pedagogical objectives and learning strategies, based on the proper use of the technological resources of The electronic platform. Instructional design models, such as ADDIE, ASSURE, Dick and Carey, and others, applied to online education, should take advantage of the resources of the technology platforms and the characteristics of each. These models, as a guide to instructional design processes, can also be enriched with other methodological processes, such as DevOps, which through continuous deliveries enrich and keep the educational content updated. This article proposes strategies for applying the technological resources of online learning platforms, aligned with the instructional design corresponding to the different pedagogical models.




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González, L. F. M., & Quiroz, V. G. (2019). Instructional Design in Online Education: a Systemic Approach. European Journal of Education, 2(3), 43–52.